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Veneto Wine Tours


The Hills of the Veneto

Extensive ranges of hills join the mountains to the plain. Especially important are those in the province of Verona, at the foot of the Monti Lessini and those along the bank of Lake Garda (Garda, Lazise, Bardolino, etc.), both famous for their production of prized wines. There are other hilly zones in the provinces of Vicenza and Treviso along these lie the roads "of white wine" and "red wine" which reveal how well-established winemaking is in this area. Then there are also a number of important and characteristic hill formations in the region: the Berician Hills (near Vicenza), the Euganean Hills (near Padua, also famous for the thermal baths of vulcanic origin), the Asolan Hills and the Montello (in the province of Treviso). They all have exceptional climatic and environmental qualities, famous and appreciated since ancient times.


Veneto is one of the 20 regions of Italy. Its population is about 4.8 million, and its capital is Venice. Once the cradle of the renowned Venetian Republic, then a land of mass emigration, Veneto is today among the wealthiest and most industrialized regions of Italy. Veneto's natural, historical, and artistic beauty makes it, by far, the most visited region of Italy, with about 60 million tourists every year.

In addition to Venice you can discover Padua also known as the "City of the Saint", Verona, the city of the most famous lovers in history: Romeo and Juliet. Vicenza with a number of the Palladian Villas, Bassano del Grappa with its wooden covered bridge on the river Brenta, designed in 1569 by the architect Andrea Palladio, Marostica : The 'Chess Game' event takes place on the second weekend of September and it involves over 550 characters and lasts two hours. Asolo is known as The Pearl of province of Treviso, and The City of a Hundred Horizons.

All over the Venetian plain, but especially in the Provinces of Treviso, Padua, Vicenza and Venice, there stand numerous remarkable artistic rural constructions, the Ville Venete. The dates of construction of these villas range from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries. There are approximately five thousand Ville Venete, of which 1,400 are declared of historical and monumental interest.



Venice Wine Promenade

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Discover the aperitivo culture of Venice right in the places the locals go. Join our wine guide for a visit of 3 super Cantinas as you stroll through the streets of Venice.

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Zonin Winery
Eugenean Hills
Cellar Visit

The Veneto : Full Day Tours Discovering Wine & Culture

Veneto is among the foremost wine-producing regions, both for quality and quantity. The region has over 20 DOC zones and many of its wines are internationally known. The most well known are Bardolino, Valpolicella, Soave, Prosecco, Breganze, and Amarone.

Available: Daily except Monday
Duration 7/8 hours
Includes: Transfer and language-speaking  travel escort, all the visit and entrance fees mentioned in the programme, food and wines, taxes and insurance..

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Prosecco & Culture

We invite you to spend a day discovering the famous Prosecco hills, among enchanting churches, century-old abbeys, vineyards and breath-taking landscapes.

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Prosecco DOC di Valdobbiadene

A substantial part of the tour will be dedicated to  the visit of the best wineries of San Stefano, heart of the production of the “Prosecco DOC di Valdobbiadene”. Each visit will be followed by the tasting of excellent wines along with tasteful local products.
From the small producer to the large winery, this tour will give you the opportunity to better understand the local wine production and to enjoy a wonderful day on the hills.


- Departure from the meeting point in Paizzale Roma/Venice to Conegliano
- Stop at the century-old church of San Pietro di Feletto
- Visit to the ancient Abbey of Follina and the adjacent cloister
- Visit to the historical wineries of San Stefano, from Guia to San Martino; Tasting
  of the renown Prosecco wines along with typical food by the local producers.
- Excursion to the Cartizze Alto where the Cartizze vines are cultivated.
- In Refrontolo the tasting will focuses on the “sweet side” of the wine: tasting of
  delicious Passito wines by the Molinetto della Croda.
- Return to Piazzale Roma/Venice

Tasting Includes
- Selection of D.O.C Prosecco wines along with:
- Crus and Prosecco rye snacks, home-made bread
- Selection of  local cheeses with home-made jams
- Seasonal vegetables and first fruits
- Local salami and sopressa
- Cartizzini (raisin biscuits with Cartizze flavour) along with red “passito” wine of

Verona Romeo and Juliette Balcony

Verona & Wine Tour

This tour will take you to discover the most interesting viticultural areas of our region where some of the most famous Italian wines are produced.

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Amarone of Valpollicella

The first stop will be at Soave, beautiful centre nestling among the gentle hills between Vicenza and Verona, well-renown for the production of its white wine, the Soave, a native vine symbol of Italian authenticity.

The second stop will give you the opportunity to get to know a “pearl” of the Italian oeneology, a wine which does’t need to be introduced: the Amarone of Valpollicella. This is an extraordinary wine that you will be able to taste by a worldwide- renown  producer in beautiful Palladian villas located on the hills of Verona near the Garda Lake.


- Departure from Piazzale Roma/Venice to Verona
- Stop at Soave, visit to the inner centre
- Wine tasting by an important producer of Soave along with cheeses and first
- Stop at Piedmont di Chiarano della Valpolicella at the Palladian villa of Santa
- Visit to the villa and the historical winery
- Wine Tasting: Valpollicella Superiore, Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso, Amarone
  along with typical cold cuts and matured cheeses
- Visit to Verona inner centre
- Return to Piazzale Roma/Venice

Tasting Includes
- DOC Valpolicella: Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Valpolicella Ripasso, Amarone
  of Valpolicella, Recioto of Valpolplicella
- Selection of Soave Classico Superiore DOCG
- Local cheeses: Monte veronese DOP, matured cheeses of Valdadige
- Local cold cuts (sopressa e salamino)
- Seasonal vegetables and first fruits
- Pastries

Bassano & Culture


We will guide you to the Pedemontana, the Veneto Pre-alps, among Patrician villas and picturesque medieval villages rich in history and stunning architecture.

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This area represents one of the most important  places in the Veneto region for its rich ono-gastronomy and for the production of the Italian distillate’s queen: the Grappa.

In Bassano del Grappa you will be able to visit the “Museum of Grappa”  by the suggestive “Alpini’s bridge” and you will also taste this delicious distillate!
Moreover in Marostica, well-renown for its chessboard-shaped square where still today is played the historical chess game (since 1454) with real characters wearing the traditional medieval costumes, you will taste the delicious Marostica cherries. .


- Departure from Piazzale Roma/Venice to Bassano del Grappa
- Arrival and visit to the city centre
- Visit to the “Museum of Grappa” and to the “Alpini’s bridge”
- Visit to Villa Loredan Gasparini; Wine tasting along with cheeses
- Arrival at Marostica and visit to9 the city centre
- Arrival a Sandrigo; tasting of Marostica cherries (IGP product)along with a
  dessert wine, the Torcolato.
- Departure and return to the meeting point

Tasting Includes
- Selection of  Montello and Colli Asolani D.O.C wines
- D.O.C Torcolato wine (Breganze)
- Selection of typical Bassano grappas
- IGP Marostica cherry’s variety
- Cheeses produced on the plain along with home-made jams
- Soppressa vicentina
- Seasonal vegetables and first fruits


Padua & Wine Tour

This tour invites you to spend a pleasant day on the gentle Padua province's hills, the city of Saint Antony.

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D.O.C Colli Euganei

In the area surrounding Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme, famous for their thermal waters, you will be able to experience the tastes and aromas of one of the most interesting wine production of the D.O.C Colli Euganei.

At the wine estate “La Montecchia”, owned by the count Emo Capodilista as well as proprietor of the majestic villa Capodilista, you will taste some typical local specialities such as the characteristic and native Friularo wine, strong and masculine like the Raboso wine of Treviso, or the Moscato wine “Fior d’Arancio”, sweet and sparkling with its aromatic and floral aroma.

- Departure from Piazzale Roma/Venice to Terme Euganee
- Arrival at the wine estate “La Montecchia”
- Visit at the villa “Capodilista and welcome aperitif
- Visit to the wine estate and the historical winery
- Tasting of three dry wines, one Moscato wine, selection of local food
- Visit to the small village Arquà Petrarca
- Return to Piazzale Roma/Venice

Tasting Includes
- Selection of D.O.C Colli Euganei dry wines
- Selection vini secchi dei Colli Euganei DOC
- Sparkling Moscato wine “Fior D’Arancio”
- Special selection of D.O.C “Friularo Passito”
- DOP Montagnana ham
- Local cold cuts
- Pastries

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Asolo & Wine Tour

Nestling among lush hills which hosted beautiful historical villas, Asolo is also called the city of the one-thousand horizons thanks to its strategic position which offers the visitors a breath-taking view of the surrounding area.

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Montello and Colli Asolani

Since the Renaissance this beautiful city has been home to important personalities attracted by the quietness and the evocative atmosphere. Caterina Cornaro, queen of Cyprus, Igor Stravinsky and Ernest Hemingway.


- Departure from Piazzale Roma to Asolo
- Visit to the inner city
- Visit to the Asolo’s fortress
- Visit to Villa Loredan Gasparini
- Tasting of local wines(Colli Asolani) along with cheeses
- Transfer to Maser and visit to villa Barbaro
- Return to Piazzale Roma/Venice

Tasting Includes
- Selection of D.O.C wines (Montello and Colli Asolani)
- Rye snacks and home-made bread
- Porchetta trevigiana
- Selection of cheeses
- Seasonal vegetables and first fruits
- Pastries


Vicenza & Wine Tour

This tour invites you to discover the architectural and natural beauties in the Vicenza province. The Berici hills, rich in history and culture, was chosen by Andrea Palladio, the official architect of the Serenissima Repubblic 500 years ago, as the ideal place for his most outstanding masterpieces.

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Breganze & Torcolato

Surrounded by incomparable locations such as the Palladian villas, you will be able to taste some of the several gastronomic specialities of the Vicenza province like the Soppressa produced in the Pasubio valley, the “Morlacco” cheese and the “Bastardo” cheese and the last but not the least stockfish “alla vicentina”. Such succulent products will be accompanied by excellent wines, from the D.O.C wines of Breganze to the sweet and velvety Torcolato wine.


- Departure from Piazzale Roma to Vicenza
- Visit to the famous Palladian villa “La Rotonda”
- Visit to a wine producer of the D.O.C Breganze area, tasting of one white wine
  and one red wine along with stockfish “alla vicentina” and soppressa vicentina
- Visit to another Palladian villa
- Visit to another wine producer, tasting of Torcolato wine along with DOP  
- On request, visit to a third Veneto’s villa
- Return to Piazzale Roma/Venice
- Return to the meeting point

Tasting Includes
- Selection of “cru” della DOC Breganze White & Red - Soppressa delle Valli del Pasubio
- Cheese: “Bastardo” del Monte Grappa DOP - Formaggio Morlacco DOP
- Passito di Torcolato, da uve Vespaiola - Verdure e primizie di stagione


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